What you need to know about the loan?


There are many people who want to get a cash loan in the near future. Is that also your intention? What do you have to do to be able to count on a cash loan ? What formalities should be completed? What steps should be taken to choose an attractive financial proposal?

Cash loan – what are the requirements

Cash loan - what are the requirements

The cash loan can be used for various purposes. No wonder it is so popular in our country. People are well aware that this is a great proposal to quickly receive money for refurbishing an apartment, layette for children, buying a car, organizing holidays, etc. Unfortunately, not everyone receives their own cash loan. Why? Some banks reject applications because they think that a person is not entirely trustworthy. Why is this happening? Among other things, this is due to low creditworthiness. The credibility of a particular client is also of great importance. Banks evaluate it, for example, through messages contained in the Credit Information Bureau.

There is a story about past or present payday loans, mortgages, consolidation loans, cash loans etc. It is probably clear to everyone that people who have systematically paid their debts and do not currently have any installments have a very good chance of getting a loan . Much worse is the situation in the case of people who did not show regularity or currently have something to pay back. Such people usually have to “get a taste”, because their chances ofcredit are simply low. Banks in this aspect are restrictive.

How to choose a good cash loan?

How to choose a good cash loan

There are many people who are thinking about this aspect. Do you have similar? You don’t know exactly what to consider? You must definitely choose foreign or banks that have good opinions and an established position on the market. Relevant industry experience is truly at a premium. Then you will be sure that every transaction will be carried out in accordance with the highest standards. Of course, financial conditions must also be taken into account. Remember that the lower the ratio, the lower the loancosts. This obviously results in lower financial obligations.

What documents need to be presented when completing the final formalities? Of course, these are proof of employment, income or ID documents. It is worth preparing thoroughly for this entire operation. It also affects the speed and professionalism of dealing with this particular case. You do not need to convince anyone to this aspect.

Fast loan in 15 minutes – is it possible?


Fast internet loans are available at your fingertips. You can apply for them, sitting comfortably in an armchair or on public transport. Just complete a simple application. What’s more, the funds from the loan can be on your account expressly! How to get a loan in 15 minutes? Check!

A quick online loan is a product that you can apply for completely online. If you want to receive funds quickly, I will tell you how you can receive cash on your account even in a quarter of an hour!

Online loan in 15 minutes – what is that?

Online loan in 15 minutes - what is that?

This is nothing more than a traditional quick non-bank loan, with the difference that you will receive it on your account in the shortest possible time. It is offered by non-bank companies, so you can count on:

  • fewer formalities,
  • greater granting,
  • quick loan decision.

It’s a great solution if you need to borrow additional funds “for now”. All you have to do is complete the loan application (check how to complete the online loan application correctly ), provide your personal details, contact details and information about your finances and wait for the lender to respond.

A loan in 15 minutes – for whom?

A loan in 15 minutes - for whom?

If you are looking for quick financing, use this type of product. You can decide on an installment loan , the maximum amount of which is up to tens of thousands of dollars, and the repayment period – up to several dozen months. Here, however, the withdrawal of funds may take a little longer, because as the amount you apply for increases, you may be asked to provide additional documents or certificates from your employer.

Are you interested in a lower amount? The payday payday comes to the rescue , its maximum amount is usually about PLN 5,000, and the repayment period is maximum 45-60 days. You can apply for a quick loan in 15 minutes if you meet the following criteria:

  • you have min 18 years,
  • you have a valid ID card,
  • you are the owner of a personal account in any bank,
  • you have citizenship and live in the country,
  • you have an email address and an active phone number,
  • fixed earnings – also undocumented income.

How soon will you get money from the loan?

How soon will you get money from the loan?

When exactly the funds reach your account depends on several factors. First of all, from which bank you have an account. You and the lender. For example, if the loan company has a bank account and you are also a customer of that bank – the transfer will go to your account immediately! Lenders are increasingly providing clients with personal accounts from various banks to facilitate the receipt of funds. Then the lender will receive your verification transfer immediately, and (in the case of a positive loan decision) will send you express money from the loan.

That is why it is true that you can get a loan up to 15 minutes after obtaining a loan decision! Submit one application and we will choose a loan company that will provide you with financing on attractive terms and will present you with an offer tailored to your needs and possibilities.

What is a mortgage and what is it for?


Unfortunately, hardly anyone in Poland is able to buy their own apartment for cash. Sooner or later many people decide to take out a loan for their own apartment, thus binding for a very long period with a specific bank. This is a huge risk not only for us, but also for the bank. After all, we can’t say if we’ll still earn the same level in five, ten or fifteen years from now.

It may also happen that we are affected by some accident or other unforeseen difficulties. This is a problem not only for us, ie those who will worry about interest, penalties and other consequences of late repayment. Lending to a bank is a way to earn money – if we can’t pay the installments, he’ll lose it. Therefore, the most serious and the most important form of housing loan security is generally a mortgage. Just what is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

The answer to the question of what a mortgage is not that difficult. A mortgage is a property right that is imposed on a specific property – usually the one that we buy or build using money from a loan. In practice, this is done through an appropriate entry in the land and mortgage register of the property.

What does this give the bank? If we do not pay the installments on time, he will be able to take over the house or apartment from us and sell it later to cover the loan. This is obviously not the optimal solution for either the borrower or the lender. The borrower eventually loses his dream home, and the bank usually sells it at a significantly reduced price. It is in the interest of both parties that this should not happen.

Pros and cons of a mortgage

Pros and cons of a mortgage

The disadvantages of the mortgage are quite obvious – for customers it is a potential threat, and the bank will not always earn as much as he would like thanks to it. Contrary to appearances, the mortgage also has its advantages, which in most cases far outweigh the disadvantages. As you know, the mortgage usually amounts to a very high amount and extends for many years. Material security, and more specifically a mortgage, significantly reduces the risk taken by the bank when granting us a loan. Therefore, it is able to offer customers much more attractive terms – above all lower interest rates and commissions. Due to such a long repayment period, even at a low interest rate, it often turns out that we pay only gigantic interest for the first dozen or so years.

It is hard to imagine how expensive a loan would be if interest rates were higher and a mortgage would not be imposed on the property. In most cases, there is no need to use it, so you can say that the borrower has a cheaper loan without any consequences. Although the bank will earn less on interest, it reduces the chances that it will lose on granting a loan. So you can consider a mortgage as a kind of compromise between the bank and the customer – the bank reduces its risk and in return offers the customer a lower total cost of credit.

Questions and answers with our credit manager

At present, the risk rating is based on UC as an external credit assessor. UC’s risk class is based on the risk forecast that the company will have financial difficulties within 12 months. A risk forecast is calculated by weighing several different variables.

How is the assessment going?


When Good Finance conducts a credit check on companies seeking financing, we primarily control the company’s repayment capacity and the collateral that can be offered .

We analyze historical and current figures as well as request budget, cooperation agreements, order documents or similar. We also check that the collateral you are offered can be set in relation to the desired loan amount. In addition, checks are made by the Board of Directors, owners, other companies if it concerns a group, key ratios, remarks and historical annual reports.

Borrow and what requirements does Good Finance place on borrowers?

Borrow and what requirements does Good Finance place on borrowers?

The person or persons who run a limited company, have at least one financial statement, turnover over one million USD and are creditworthy according to UC (risk class 3 or stronger). Each loan is also secured with one or more collateral.

Why do borrowers choose Good Finance instead of a bank?

Because they want a fast and easy process that takes place completely digital! At Good Finance, companies can also enjoy marketing while seeking funding. The companies set their own terms and form the loan request based on their needs. It is common for companies with bank loans or mortgage loans to choose to subject them to competition with the help of Good Finance.

What if a borrower cannot pay?

What if a borrower cannot pay?

We monitor all our borrowers and get a quick indication of any payment difficulties. Then we will contact the representative in order to understand the situation and determine whether it is relevant to collect debt collection. If there is reason to believe that the company will have financial difficulties, we may terminate the credit and claim the collateral issued.

What is a security?

There may be some type of asset or guarantor’s obligation the borrower leaves, which Good Finance can invoke if the borrower experiences payment difficulties. If this happens, the process is handled by Good Finance, who acts as a representative together with our partners on behalf of the lenders.

How is your credit rating assessed

We go into depth about how lenders, lenders and credit rating agencies assess your credit rating and also provide good advice on how you can improve your credit rating.


Creditworthiness is a person’s or a company’s ability to pay off their loans and other debts. This ability is due to a large number of factors but is often simplified in rating classes. The ability can be expressed from A to C, from 1 to 100 or in many other ways where one end of the scale indicates very high risk and the other end of the scale indicates low risk. The assessments are often made by credit rating agencies.

A low credit rating means that there is a high risk that the person or company will not be able to pay their loans on time. In essence, there is a dividing line between those who have no payment notes and who usually get to borrow if the income is sufficient for the loan size and those with payment notes that are rarely granted loans and then at higher interest rates.

Through Good Finance you can borrow money with and without payment note. You can read more about payment notes and about borrowing with a payment note on other sections on our website.

When lenders and other lenders process your loan application, they always start from the credit rating you have. Your credit rating is thus important for your ability to obtain a loan and to a large extent determines both the amount of the loan and the terms you are offered.

How can I improve my credit rating?


Your credit rating is a consideration of a number of factors that together show your ability to pay off loans and other debts.

Exactly how creditworthiness is determined are business secrets for the credit information companies, but the factors that are mainly investigated are:

  • income Data
  • The number of credit commitments and their size
  • The number of registered credit reports
  • Payment notes and other notes
  • Information about your assets such as vehicles and real estate
  • Information such as your marital status

If you have payment remarks, your credit rating will be adversely affected. A note automatically disappears two to three years after its creation, depending on the type if you cannot prove that the note is incorrect and gets the information corrected. On this page you can read more about how to correct an incorrect credit report.

Another thing you can do to affect your credit rating in the positive direction is to remove or pay off credit promises. The fact that you have the opportunity to use a credit at any time means an uncertainty that lenders must calculate. Removing the uncertainty also increases the possibility of being granted a loan.

Positively affected by increasing your income and reducing your expenses

Positively affected by increasing your income and reducing your expenses

Other things that can affect your credit rating are; changed marital status because it often entails changes in the burden on the economy, the existence of marital preferences, if you run a business and in such cases in which form of business, increased or decreased tax value of the properties you own, past and present debt balance, the number of credit information during the last 12 month period and if you have recently exceeded any credit limit.

Some companies offer services where you can see in more detail an overall picture of one’s finances. You also have the right, free of charge, once a year, to contact a credit reporting company and request the information that is registered about you.

How to rebuild your credit after late payment

You missed a payment. Maybe the cable bill has slipped behind the desk or the postal strike means you have not received your mobile phone bill. Maybe an emergency expense came up and you did not have the money to pay for your utilities last month. Whatever the reason, you did not make a payment on time. Do you know how this will affect your credit rating?

To answer this question, let’s look at how our solvency is measured in Canada.

What is a credit report?

What is a credit report?

Your credit file contains personal information such as your social insurance number, date of birth, current and previous address, and employment history. It will also include detailed information about your credit accounts, credit history and payment information. When you apply for a mortgage or other type of credit, lenders use this information to approve or deny your request. Homeowners can also check your credit report to decide whether or not you can pay your rent, and employers can take a look before choosing to hire (depending on the sector in which you work).

What is a credit rating?

Credit reporting agencies use your financial information to calculate a score between 300 and 900, which gives you a rating from low to excellent. Credit providers use this information, as well as their own slightly different calculations to determine whether you present a risk or not. Typically, a score above 650 will get you approved. If your score is lower, you could be considered high risk. The exact numbers may vary and lenders may consider factors other than your credit score.

It is important to note that the history of your payments has a lot of weight – up to 35% of your credit score.

Where can I see my credit report?

Where can I see my credit report?

Canada has two official credit reporting agencies. You can request your credit report, annually, at each of these agencies, at no cost, if you do it by mail. This is a great way to check for accuracy and make the necessary corrections. In fact, we recommend that you request a report from both rating agencies as they each contain slightly different information.

Unfortunately, free records do not include your credit rating, but both agencies will provide instant and online access to your combined credit report and credit rating for a fee. Recently, it has become even easier to access your credit rating and for free. As part of their overall marketing strategies, many companies have partnered with credit bureaus. They attract new customers by providing credit files and / or scores for free, whether you choose to use their services or not. New customers are flocking, consumers are getting free, and credit reporting agencies are getting fees for every request. Everyone wins. When you ask for your credit report or rating, there is no impact on your credit rating.

How can a late payment affect my credit rating?


Late payments permanently affect your credit report and have a negative impact on your score. You will want to avoid them if you can. You may be relieved to learn that not all late payments will be recorded in your file. Each credit account in your file is assigned a number between 0 and 9. 0 indicates a brand new account, 1 means that you pay your bill within 30 days or on the agreed terms and 9 means that your account has been recovered. or bankrupt. You really want to see your accounts sit at 1. The good news is that you will only see a late payment on an account if it is more than 30 days late. If you catch it in time, you can keep your excellent credit rating.

If a late payment affects your credit report, its impact will depend on several factors:

  • How much delay? The longer it stays unpaid, the more negatively it will affect your score.
  • How often? Creditors will determine whether it is a one-time event or a habit that increases your level of risk.
  • How recent? Recently missed payments can be a wake-up call for a lender, suggesting that you are in financial difficulty and may not be able to pay your debts.

How can I repair my credit rating?

How can I repair my credit rating?

No matter what mistakes you made in the past, from late payment to complete bankruptcy, you can still improve your credit score. It may take time, but your patience and diligence will bear fruit. Here are some things you can do to get your credit score back to where you need it:

  • Pay the missed bills as soon as possible before they hurt you anymore.
  • If you miss payments because you can not afford them, set a budget and ask for help if you need it to get your finances back.
  • If the problem is disruption, you can use calendars, phone reminders, account alerts, and automatic payments to help you make these payments on time.
  • If you have credit, use it, but make sure you pay it before the payment due date. If you can not pay the full balance, pay at least the minimum and always pay on time.
  • If you are trying to reinstate your credit, ask for a secured credit card in which you pay a deposit before you can use it. The funds you provide may not be as high as your credit limit. Start with a small limit and use it responsibly.
  • This can be tempting, but you should avoid maximizing your credit cards. Try to stay below 30% of your credit limit to not hurt your credit rating.

If you move, be sure to update all your accounts with your new mailing address. In this way, you avoid missing payments due to lost mail. You can also set up online accounts and notifications to make sure you see your bill or statement and pay for it on time

Keep your credit report in the eye

Keep your credit report in the eye

Whether your score is bad or excellent, it’s important to keep control of your credit. For a fee, you can monitor your business. Some banks and credit card companies also provide monitoring services, sending you alerts when credit history surveys are conducted or when potentially fraudulent activities occur. Monitor for errors such as changes to your personal information or new accounts that you do not recognize and correct them immediately. Regularly ensuring the accuracy of your credit information can help you control your credit usage and prevent identity problems and theft in the future.

Paid Cashier X Personal Loan

Is it difficult to get a personal loan? Also with these absurd unemployment rates and bad debt growing like bread yeast! This scenario makes the market more risky and begins restricting access to some types of operations. One way out for those who can not take advantage of the negative loan offers is the jewelry pawn . The Pawn Pawn accepts pledge and pays well.

Pawning or putting a jewel “on the nail,” this is the most common slang form, and the same as engaging . This type of credit , is not a habit of the Brazilian citizen, leaving something of value as a jewel as a guarantee to have access to a loan of money, really is not our custom. But the fact is that this transaction can take many people out of the way, even if they take such a low- and medium-term interest loan, it can be a great way out.

” If you want you can renew the contract as many times as you need .” The interesting thing is that after paying the loan, the person takes the jewelry back intact. However, if you do not pay or delay, you run out of jewelry.

Is there any gold at home? Do you have any silverware made of silver or gold? It has a gold choker or chain, an alliance, watch, diamonds or jewel of family, take up the Pawn of the Box . The interest rate is around 1.93% per month, lower than the payroll loan.

As I said, Penheiro Caixa does business even for negative customers with the dirty name on the square. To achieve the transaction, the piece of silver or gold must be in good condition, the amount paid is that of the day. But not everything is flowers, Caixa borrows only 85% of the assessed value of the piece.

Compare interest rates on loans (per month)

Compare interest rates on loans (per month)

Modality Interest rate
Payroll loan (INSS) 1.89% to 2.14%
Pawn jewelery 1.93% to 2.10%
Car Financing 2.2%
Personal loan in banks 4.45%
Trade 5.6%
Loan in financial 8.14%
Overdraft 10.95%
Credit card 14.49%

Paid with cash on time

Whoever makes a pledge receives the value of the pledge in cash and on time , does not need guarantor or analysis of credit risk, consult the Spc or Serasa, none of this, the loan guarantee is the jewel – point! Another important detail, there is no need to open or have a bank account in the savings bank.

To hire, just be with the regular CPF at the IRS and everything will be finished. Evaluation is also done on time by a trained specialist. Once the assessment is completed, the loan is granted and the money released into the account. Caixa Econômica Federal lends between 10% and 85% of the assessed value of the property, the client decides how much to take. For Caixa’s clients who receive salary, the pledge releases up to 100% of the valuation value of the jewelry, especially if the client has a credit history without repair.

May delay payment

The pledge Cash has its payment in two formats: in a single installment, maturing in up to 180 days, or if the client prefers, installs the loan between 2 and 60 months. The loan can be renewed whenever the client wishes to make the renewal. However, if there is a delay in payment of more than 30 days, the jewelry is auctioned. Only the Caixa Econômica Federal offers the loan by pledge. The transaction is made in the bank’s agency, but of all the more than 4 thousand, only 460 makes the pledge. Check the addresses here.

Documents required for the pledge

Take the jewelry, pen, watch, silverware etc which will be given as collateral and the basic personal documents (ID document, proof of residence and valid CPF). The evaluation is done in the time in front of the client, soon after the evaluation, the contract is signed and the money released into the account the same day.

How Evaluation Works

The valuation of jewelry in the Pawn Box is given by the traditional method made by a specialist who takes into account some factors such as design, style, season, brand, state of conservation, content and type of metal and raw material used. In addition, gems are considered color, purity, lapidation and weight. The process for pledge is very simple, everything is very fast and practical and in a few minutes everything is done.


Well, now that you know a little bit about how the Cash Pawn works, it’s easy to understand why so many people are sticking to this type of personal loan. It is worth remembering that the pledge only loses interest rate for payroll deductible loan and secured loan of property or vehicle, and if you do not lose both your house and your vehicle, this is a good opportunity to make the pledge of that jewel you nor does it remember.