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Is it difficult to get a personal loan? Also with these absurd unemployment rates and bad debt growing like bread yeast! This scenario makes the market more risky and begins restricting access to some types of operations. One way out for those who can not take advantage of the negative loan offers is the jewelry pawn . The Pawn Pawn accepts pledge and pays well.

Pawning or putting a jewel “on the nail,” this is the most common slang form, and the same as engaging . This type of credit , is not a habit of the Brazilian citizen, leaving something of value as a jewel as a guarantee to have access to a loan of money, really is not our custom. But the fact is that this transaction can take many people out of the way, even if they take such a low- and medium-term interest loan, it can be a great way out.

” If you want you can renew the contract as many times as you need .” The interesting thing is that after paying the loan, the person takes the jewelry back intact. However, if you do not pay or delay, you run out of jewelry.

Is there any gold at home? Do you have any silverware made of silver or gold? It has a gold choker or chain, an alliance, watch, diamonds or jewel of family, take up the Pawn of the Box . The interest rate is around 1.93% per month, lower than the payroll loan.

As I said, Penheiro Caixa does business even for negative customers with the dirty name on the square. To achieve the transaction, the piece of silver or gold must be in good condition, the amount paid is that of the day. But not everything is flowers, Caixa borrows only 85% of the assessed value of the piece.

Compare interest rates on loans (per month)

Compare interest rates on loans (per month)

Modality Interest rate
Payroll loan (INSS) 1.89% to 2.14%
Pawn jewelery 1.93% to 2.10%
Car Financing 2.2%
Personal loan in banks 4.45%
Trade 5.6%
Loan in financial 8.14%
Overdraft 10.95%
Credit card 14.49%

Paid with cash on time

Whoever makes a pledge receives the value of the pledge in cash and on time , does not need guarantor or analysis of credit risk, consult the Spc or Serasa, none of this, the loan guarantee is the jewel – point! Another important detail, there is no need to open or have a bank account in the savings bank.

To hire, just be with the regular CPF at the IRS and everything will be finished. Evaluation is also done on time by a trained specialist. Once the assessment is completed, the loan is granted and the money released into the account. Caixa Econômica Federal lends between 10% and 85% of the assessed value of the property, the client decides how much to take. For Caixa’s clients who receive salary, the pledge releases up to 100% of the valuation value of the jewelry, especially if the client has a credit history without repair.

May delay payment

The pledge Cash has its payment in two formats: in a single installment, maturing in up to 180 days, or if the client prefers, installs the loan between 2 and 60 months. The loan can be renewed whenever the client wishes to make the renewal. However, if there is a delay in payment of more than 30 days, the jewelry is auctioned. Only the Caixa Econômica Federal offers the loan by pledge. The transaction is made in the bank’s agency, but of all the more than 4 thousand, only 460 makes the pledge. Check the addresses here.

Documents required for the pledge

Take the jewelry, pen, watch, silverware etc which will be given as collateral and the basic personal documents (ID document, proof of residence and valid CPF). The evaluation is done in the time in front of the client, soon after the evaluation, the contract is signed and the money released into the account the same day.

How Evaluation Works

The valuation of jewelry in the Pawn Box is given by the traditional method made by a specialist who takes into account some factors such as design, style, season, brand, state of conservation, content and type of metal and raw material used. In addition, gems are considered color, purity, lapidation and weight. The process for pledge is very simple, everything is very fast and practical and in a few minutes everything is done.


Well, now that you know a little bit about how the Cash Pawn works, it’s easy to understand why so many people are sticking to this type of personal loan. It is worth remembering that the pledge only loses interest rate for payroll deductible loan and secured loan of property or vehicle, and if you do not lose both your house and your vehicle, this is a good opportunity to make the pledge of that jewel you nor does it remember.

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