Business plan for the production of glowing tiles

Business plan for the production of glowing paving tiles

When drawing up a business plan for the production of glowing tiles, you need to know: What to include and how to quickly recoup the Sancho Panzament? In the article you will find detailed answers for the preparation of such a business plan.

First, let’s look at what a paving slab is glowing in the dark. Oscar company has developed two technologies for manufacturing such paving stones:

The technology of the “LUNA” tile is the production without cement and sand – the glow of the tile over the entire surface. The luminescence of a path occurs due to use of a special polymeric shining crumb of own production.

The technology of the tile “MOONWAY” is the usual tile composition of sand and cement. But the beautiful glow of the track is due to the stones, which are laid in the form during production. The average duration of the glow of both tracks is 1 * 10m. is about 6-8 hours. This is quite a long time, if you take into account that the sunrise in different regions begins at 3-4 am.

So, consider a business plan for the production of glowing in the dark tiles. Do you want to conquer the market of decoration and building materials quickly? – Offer your customers something exclusive, but at a reasonable price and enjoy how your profits increase and your business grows. The production of luminous paving slabs will be just such an option, because it is modern, stylish, and the production itself is safe, fast and does not require huge financial injections.

Imagine what your customers look like, who are they? – That’s right, there are a lot of them and they are different. Unique exterior decoration objects can become a branded element of a summer cottage, a country cottage, a park, a summer café and restaurant area, a hotel and a recreation center. You can list them for a long time, but the main thing is that the wide range of use gives you a constant profit and allows you to quickly grow on the market, due to the unique range and wide applications of tiles.

You are on the threshold of your business, and it’s time to draw up a business plan in detail with the most relevant indicators in order to calculate when you discourage Sancho Panzaments and how much you will get into profit.

High profitability

High profitability

Where to find a business plan for the production of glowing tiles? Many are looking on the Internet for a ready business plan for such production. A business plan is always an individual matter. It takes into account the presence of the premises or its rent, the presence of a built production or the beginning from scratch. Also, the sale of finished products occurs at the prices of the region in which the goods are produced.

Therefore, a universal business plan, in an amicable way, is not drawn up. The business plan for the production of tiles Moon or Moonlight – a very individual thing. But we will try to help you.

How to make a business plan for the production of glowing tiles? Since paving slabs, luminous in the dark, are quite atypical from an aesthetic point of view, but also perform their direct function – the creation of garden or landscape paths, the profitability of production is initially high.

Buying technology, consumables and tools for production, the average cost per 1 square. meter will be 2000 rubles, and the market price from 3.5 to 4.5 thousand rubles. In this way:

✓ The profitability of the paving business is quite high.

✓Target per tile will be from 100%

✓ The cost of the tile will be from 2000rub. per m2.

✓Price for buyers – 3500-4500 rub. m2.

From each 10 m2 of tiles sold, you earn up to 25 000 rub.

Of course, you need to pay for the work of the staff and the rental of the room where the tiles will be made. This version of your own business is also suitable for those who decide to engage in production and sales themselves, because you can save money on renting the room due to the fact that the technology allows you to reduce these costs in your business plan by allocating a room in a mini-workshop in a country house or garage.

Features of glowing paving tiles

Features of glowing paving tiles

Distinctive features of decorative fragments. You offer finished products of various shapes and sizes, depending on which piece is used. Secondly, in comparison with classical paving slabs, this material is more stable and does not crumble even under the influence of moisture (rain, snow, icing) and during the temperature drop. Abrasion 0.02–0.03 g / cm3 allows the Moon to be used for at least 10 years, and during this time the trends in the exterior will change and it is possible that the developers will come up with something new.

The effectiveness of the business plan for the production of paving tiles Moon

The effectiveness of the business plan for the production of paving tiles Moon

Since the product with its own specifics requires the purchase of at least 10 square meters. meters (of course, no one buys by the piece tiles to form tracks or platforms), the average bill is 45 thousand rubles, the cost of its production is half that.

Even taking into account the placement of advertisements in a newspaper, or in public transport, or in a network, the rent of a retail outlet for the realization of profits will be about 18–20 thousand rubles. This is only for 1 check, but over time their number will increase with the total amount.

As a category of savings, offer finished products for sale in the city’s building supermarket, retail outlet or company store.

For a more detailed calculation, it is necessary to take into account taxes – 10 thousand rubles per month, if necessary, rental of premises and wages for workers, as well as managers for promotion. Starting capital to start production – 400 thousand rubles to buy a franchise and get consumables.

Your expenses may be less if you buy materials for production, as required, and you already have your own equipment. It will take:

– concrete mixer (gush); – low power vibrating table.

Business plan for the production of glowing tiles “on the fingers”:

Average sales per day 4500 rub * 10m2 45 000 rub.
Revenue for 20 slave. days 4500 rub. * 200 m2 900 000 rub.
Monthly expenses (warehouse rental, utilities, etc.) About 40,000 rubles.
Monthly wages hired About 40 000-50 000 rubles.
Expenses for taxes and consumables 200 m2 * 4500 rubles. About 400 000- 500 000 rubles.

Result: at least 1 sale per day, Over 20 slaves. days of revenue will be about 200 000 to 400 000 rubles. per month

The important point is that the specialists hold consultations at all stages, answer technical questions and help develop an effective marketing strategy for promotion.

Plus, the production is not subject to weather. If, for example, you produce furniture and autumn was too rainy, you cannot stock up on high-quality materials, but in the case of the Moon tile, there is no such dependence.

Selling luminous tiles: 5 main arguments “For”

Selling luminous tiles: 5 main arguments "For"

1. The presented products will be unique in your city, since the company operates according to the principle: 1 representative – 1 city.

2. You do not offer something phenomenally new, causing concern, but simply an object of decor that performs another modern amazing function.

3. Suitable for purchase by individuals, firms and even government agencies.

4. Quick payback business.

5. Loyal amount to start a business.



Many businessmen who know a lot about production and sales, are increasingly choosing it for their goods.

The advantages and disadvantages of this area

The advantages and disadvantages of this area

There are plenty of advantages in this business, but there are also disadvantages:

  • Firstly, more and more tiles are being bought for a beautiful design of cities and private houses. Customers often do not look at the high cost of paving, so the perspective in its manufacture is quite clear. But we must remember that many want to make money, so the competition here is high.
  • Secondly, to arrange such a business is easy. It does not need documents that this product has special certificates, and the owner of the future production in this case only need to register as an individual entrepreneur. He even can not fully understand the production technology and in general in the construction industry. If, in the future, the manufacturer wants to present documents to the customers about the quality of the goods, then a special certification service will help him with this by conducting a special study. They check all the properties of products and bring them to the quality certificate.
  • Thirdly, the production premises can be located anywhere, and when buying high-quality imported equipment and with a small footprint, staff can consist of only three people.

Here you can download a free sample business plan.

Everyone can produce tiles due to the simple process of its production. One has only to know that workers will be engaged in boring and monotonous work. With all this, this business, if properly built, is distinguished by high profitability and quick payback, although orders may be received seasonally.

Varieties of material

Varieties of material

There are only two types of coating on the market:

  • Vibrotated tiles can be bought everywhere because of the simplicity of its manufacture. It is necessary to choose it for laying in those places where a small load is assumed on the tracks.
  • Vibro-pressed and hydra-pressed tiles are placed where heavy traffic is expected with a large impact on it.

Cobbles also differ in the material from which it was produced:

  • Most often, it is made of concrete , as of the cheapest substance, and this material is the only one for the manufacture of vibrocast tiles.
  • Clay is another raw material for the production of vibro and hydro compressed paving stones. It will cost more, but the quality will be higher, comparable to roofing tiles.
  • The most expensive type of high-strength paving slabs is made from various natural stones , such as granite.

Required facilities and equipment

Required facilities and equipment

Special equipment for the process of vibropressing will cost about 30 thousand dollars and include a vibropress, concrete mixer and a punch . The equipment for vibratory casting is much cheaper. The vibrotable, forms and concrete mixer will cost about 5 thousand dollars to its owner.

After selecting the production method, you need to find a suitable room with an area of 70 sq. M. The higher the expected production volumes, the more it should be. The room can be located anywhere, it all depends on the choice of the owner. It is worth choosing an industrial area with convenient access ways. Warehouses with production space will be the best option. Save on the delivery of the necessary raw materials is not only possible but necessary. This is feasible when finding the future plant near the cheap raw materials bases.

The main thing is the characteristics of the room. The voltage in it must be at least 360 V. It is great if it will always be heated. Sewage with hot and cold water is a must.

You also need to not forget about the constant temperature from 35 to 45 degrees Celsius in the chamber for drying finished products and in stock. There must be a warm floor, and such conditions must be maintained year-round.

Necessary raw materials and their purchase

Necessary raw materials and their purchase

Concrete mix is ​​the source material for the production of paving slabs. It consists of cement, which is its main component, crushed stone (granite sifting) with a fraction of 5 to 10 mm and building sand with grain size up to 5 mm.


Additional components that may be present in the mixture are a plasticizer, various kinds of additives to increase its strength, resistance to cold and water resistance and coloring pigments. With their help, they paint the tiles of small architectural forms: paving stones, artificial stone, pavement option.

All products should be made only from quality raw materials and as closely as possible to comply with the production technology.

Ideally, all purchases should be made from the same manufacturer, especially with large orders for all types of materials. If you replace a brand or any component for production, not only the color of the product, but even important characteristics may change. This is fraught with various problems with customers and large losses.

Types of production technology

Types of production technology

Paving slabs are made in three ways:

  • Vibropressing With it, not only paving stone is made, but also stones for walls and partitions, as well as curbs. The technology of such production consists of three stages and includes:
    • preparation of concrete in a concrete mixer;
    • Molding with vibrators and punch. The material on a special pallet is compacted in a few seconds due to the impact of vibration pulses. Later, the matrix and the punch are removed, leaving almost ready-made paving stones on the pallet;
    • drying. The tray with the products must dry either under the influence of ordinary water vapor, or just indoors. Ready concrete gains necessary strength within 5-8 hours.
  • Hyper pressing is like vibration pressing , only here, instead of vibration, strong pressure is used under a hydraulic press, which seals the mixture. In this way, you can make a lot of tiles, and the presence of a large number of people is not required due to complete automation. The absence of the human factor reduces the cost and also has a positive effect on product quality.
  • Shooting is the third production method. During the process you need to prepare a concrete mix and put it in special forms that are on the vibrating table. These forms are laid out on pallets and left for 48 hours directly in the production area. Then the finished tile heats up to 60-70 degrees for 2 minutes and is gently knocked out of the form on the vibrating table. Of course, with this method of production, especially when using cheap equipment in combination with manual labor, chips and cracks will be much larger than with vibropressing. It is necessary to think in advance about the use of poor-quality paving slabs in other sectors of construction.

For more information about the process of manufacturing products you can on the following video:

Distribution channels

Distribution channels

Advertising is the engine of progress! It all starts with her, especially in this kind of business. You can resort to its traditional ways: advertising on television (better on popular channels, although it will be a little expensive), in magazines and newspapers on construction topics, on the Internet, on billboards, in transport and other crowded places.

You should also directly contact the leaders of construction companies and offer them your cooperation. This will help to establish sales channels and recoup the costs of starting a business for the first half of the year. The main thing is not to sit still, actively promote and advertise your product, talking about its advantages.



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